Bonus Content

Bonus content is scenes that didn't make it into the book for whatever reason, but they are true to The Divine Touch universe.

There are currently nine bonus scenes available. You have the opportunity to receive all nine if you do the following:

  • pre-order Cursed and Crowned

  • add Cursed and Crowned on Goodreads

  • sign up for Faith Fray's newsletter

  • leave a rating and review on Amazon

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  • order a special copy from my website

  • follow me on Amazon

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  • post about Cursed and Crowned on social media using the three hashtags #faithfray, #cursedandcrowned, and #thedivinetouch (no earlier than 5/16 please)

Each of the tasks above has a bonus scene tied to it. I cannot share what the bonus scenes are without spoiling some of the events of the book, but I think each of the scenes brings something worthwhile, and I hope you do too.

When you complete a task, screenshot proof of it, and then go to the Linktree found in my Instagram or TikTok bio. There will be a Google form for each of the nine tasks. Fill out the appropriate one entirely, make sure you upload the picture as proof, and then submit. The bonus scene connected to that task will then be sent to your email within a few days. Happy reading!

if you have any questions regarding this process, feel free to reach out to me on social media or via the connect tab on my website.