Cursed and Crowned


The Divine Touch is a power almost all seek, but it comes at a price almost none are willing to pay

There are two beliefs the people of the Lands have held for centuries, ever since the war that shattered the realms and created a new order of Blessed and Cursed:

Cursed cannot rule over Blessed. 

Yet when the Numina choose the next ruler of the Lands, the name they give the prophets belongs to a Cursed girl, Kalena Skathor. The Blessed, outraged by this decision, orchestrate an attack on her and her family before she can ascend the throne. After finding her parents and siblings dead, Lena flees.

Five years later, after acquiring the Divine Touch, she returns to the palace to seek revenge and create a new order. But her plans are disrupted when she finds out her childhood friend Ira survived the attack. Her feelings toward him never quite faded, and when the high council demands she marry before becoming queen, the only person she can even consider is him. But Lena must remember why she came back—she must fight—even if every power in the realm is standing against her. 

Firstborns are necessary sacrifices. 

All his life, Atreus has been told he’s the embodiment of sin, that he will corrupt society if he’s not kept away. Firstborns have been guilty since birth, and the Outings are their punishment. Each realm they are sent to is different, yet the monsters that greet them are the same. 

But Atreus finds out there’s more to these Outings when he comes across an alluring stone that speaks to him and draws the prophets’ attention. With each realm he visits and each stone he collects, the more he’s convinced that the prophets are planning something. Atreus vows to find out the truth before he escapes.

A story of love, lies, and loss.

Book 1 in The Divine Touch trilogy.


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Content warnings

blood and gore, depictions of violence, death of family, dead bodies, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, explicit sexual content, traumatizing birth scene, postpartum depression (ending in the death of the affected character), death of children, murder, child abuse, off-page amputation, child soldiers, PTSD, verbal abuse, whipping, underaged drinking, kidnapping, religious abuse and indoctrination, social pressure to become pregnant, disturbing themes of childbearing, classism, sexism

(may contain spoilers)